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OBJECTIVE The cardiovascular risk factors which comprise the metabolic syndrome are associated with increased hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPAA) activity in some Caucasian populations. South Asians have high rates of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. We have investigated the relationships between HPAA activity, adiposity and the metabolic(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether reduced fetal growth leads to raised blood pressure, reduced arterial compliance, and increased left ventricular mass in an Indian population. DESIGN A retrospective cohort study of men and women (age range 40-61 years) whose weight, length, and head circumference at birth were recorded. SETTING The Holdsworth Memorial(More)
To examine the fate of the carbons of acetate and to evaluate the usefulness of labeled acetate in assessing intrahepatic metabolic processes during gluconeogenesis, [2-14C]acetate, [2-14C]ethanol, and [1-14C]ethanol were infused into normal subjects fasted 60 h and given phenyl acetate. Distributions of 14C in the carbons of blood glucose and glutamate(More)
Contributions of omega-oxidation to overall fatty acid oxidation in slices from livers of ketotic alloxan diabetic rats and of fasted monkeys are estimated. Estimates are made from a comparison of the distribution of 14C in glucose formed by the slices from omega-14C-labeled compared to 2-14C-labeled fatty acids of even numbers of carbon atoms and from(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary heart disease is predicted to become the commonest cause of death in india within 15 years People from India living overseas already have high rates of the disease that are not explained by known coronary risk factors. Small size at birth is a newly described risk factor for coronary heart disease, but associations between size at birth(More)
Recent research in Europe and the USA has shown that adults who had a low birthweight or who were thin at birth with a low ponderal index (birthweight/length3) tend to be insulin resistant and have an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Low birthweight and Type 2 diabetes are common in India. We have studied glucose and insulin metabolism(More)
To quantify intrahepatic Krebs cycle metabolism, phenyl acetate, excreted in urine as a glutamine conjugate, was given to healthy subjects infused with [3-14C]lactate. They were studied after 60 h of fasting and when given glucose after an overnight fast. Distributions of 14C in glutamate from urinary phenylacetylglutamine and blood glucose were determined.(More)
BACKGROUND Follow up studies in Britain have shown that low rates of fetal growth are followed by reduced lung function in adult life, independent of smoking and social class. It is suggested that fetal adaptations to undernutrition in utero result in permanent changes in lung structure, which in turn lead to chronic airflow obstruction. India has high(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS The association between lower birthweight and metabolic syndrome may result from fetal undernutrition (fetal programming hypothesis) and/or genes causing both low birthweight and insulin resistance (fetal insulin hypothesis). We studied associations between the birthweight of parents and metabolic syndrome in the offspring. METHODS We(More)
In order to examine metabolic zonation in human liver, [2-14C]glycerol, which labels carbons 2 and 5 of glucose-6-P, and [1-14C]lactate, which labels carbons 3 and 4 of glucose-6-P, in the process of gluconeogenesis, were infused intravenously into healthy subjects who ingested acetaminophen and had fasted 36 h. Distributions of 14C were determined in(More)