Kalyanam Krishnamoorthy

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The intruder isolation problem (IIP) involves using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to isolate an intruder traveling along a road network. The UAV has no visibility of the intruder and can only obtain information about the intruder's location based on several unattended ground sensors (UGSs) preinstalled on the road network. An UGS can detect the passing(More)
— A method of stabilizing feedback control, known as adaptive-Q control is applied to a LQG disk drive control system to improve its disturbance rejection property. This approach follows the well known result that all stabilizing controllers for a plant can be synthesized by conveniently parametrized augmentations to a nominal controller. The augmentation(More)
We consider a class of pursuit-evasion problems where an evader enters a directed acyclic graph and attempts to reach one of the terminal nodes. A pursuer enters the graph at a later time and attempts to capture the evader before it reaches a terminal node. The pursuer can only obtain information about the evader's path via sensors located at each node in(More)