Kalyana Sundaram Venkataraman

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An outbreak of leptospirosis in man and dog occurred during the monsoon in Madras city, India. 48 (50.5%) of the 95 human sera tested were positive for leptospirosis. Of these, 32 showed the presence of agglutinin to serovar icterohaemorrhagiae. 20 (21.3%) of the 94 canine sera tested were positive for leptospirosis. Of these, 10 had agglutinins to serovar(More)
Biometrical studies on buffalo, bovine and canine strains of Trypanosoma evansi isolated from species in Madras, India, were carried out. The buffalo, bovine and canine trypanosomes varied significantly in total length and width. The buffalo strain had a greater free flagellum, total length and width compared with the canine strain.
Corrosion in pipe work is a major problem. While most plants have reliable information on most equipment, the least data available is always with respect to their piping. Significant portions of plant piping and pipelines are insulated or buried and hence, even external corrosion cannot be readily observed. Ultrasonic guided waves in the pipe wall provide(More)
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