Kalyan Sasidhar

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Currently, Indian fishermen use handheld radios or satellite phones for offshore communication. While the former is based on broadcast communication with its range limited by Line-of-Sight, the latter is expensive. Therefore, lack of connectivity-at-sea is a huge problem for many Indian fishermen. Hence, this work prescribes a hierarchical(More)
The design of communication architecture over a sea environment is challenging since it requires careful analysis of different factors such as multipath propagation, antenna characteristics and mobility that affect a signal. Although existing work has addressed a few factors, there is no work which provides a complete analysis of path loss incorporating(More)
Due to the high density of buildings and improper water drainage facilities, flash floods are prevalent in cities. In such scenarios, to extend timely aid, it is often required to estimate the level of flood in different parts of the affected zone. This paper presents a novel method employing participatory sensing and computer vision to estimate the flood(More)
This paper addresses the issue of testing MCMs fabricated on large-area substrates. The cost of testing MCMs may be as high as 40% of the manufacturanig cost. In order to reduce test costs, at is essential that the testing be parallelized taking advantage of the fact that all the MCMs on the large-area substrate are similar. In this paper we propose a(More)
Smartphone usage has reached its peak. There has been a tremendous growth in the number of people migrating from PCs to smart phones. Numerous scenarios such as loss of a phone, phone theft etc., can lead to unauthorized use of one’s own smartphone. This raises the concern for securing personal and private data. This project proposes a light weight two(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks have revolutionized mobile Computing in the past decade or so. A myriad of systems have been designed and developed for various applications, most commonly, environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring, structural monitoring etc. One particular domain where there is a dearth of sensor networks implementation is agriculture.(More)
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