Kalyan S. Perumalla

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In optimistic parallel simulations, state-saving techniques have traditionally been used to realize rollback. In this article, we propose <italic>reverse computation</italic> as an alternative approach, and compare its execution performance against that of state-saving. Using compiler techniques, we describe an approach to automatically generate reversible(More)
This paper describes the implementation of RTI-Kit, a modular software package to realize runtime infrastructure (RTI) software for distributed simulations such as those for the High Level Architecture. RTI-Kit software spans a wide variety of computing platforms, ranging from tightly coupled machines such as shared memory multiprocessors and cluster(More)
Parallel and distributed simulation tools are emerging that offer the ability to perform detailed, packet-level simulations of large-scale computer networks on an unprecedented scale. The state-of-the-art in large-scale network simulation is characterized quantitatively. For this purpose, a metric based on the number of Packet Transmissions that can be(More)
Simulation has always been an indispensable tool in the design and analysis of telecommuni cation networks Due to performance limitations of the majority of simulators usually network simulations have been done for rather small network models and for short time scales In con trast many di cult design problems facing today s network engineers concern the(More)
<sc>TeD</sc> is a language designed mainly for modeling telecommunication networks. The <sc>TeD</sc> language specification is separated into two parts --- (1) a <i>meta</i> language (2) an <i>external</i> language. The meta language specification is concerned with the high-level description of the structural and behavioral interfaces of various network(More)
Given a sequence Q of n numbers positive and negative the maximum subsequence of Q is the contiguous subsequence that has the maximum sum among all contiguous subsequences of Q Given a two dimensional array A of n n numbers positive and negative the maximum subarray of A is the contiguous subarray that has the maximum sum among all contiguous subarrays of A(More)
Graphics cards, traditionally designed as accelerators for computer graphics, have evolved to support more general-purpose computation. General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPUs) are now being used as highly efficient, cost-effective platforms for executing certain simulation applications. While most of these applications belong to the category of(More)
An effective latency-hiding mechanism is presented in the parallelization of agent-based model simulations (ABMS) with millions of agents. The mechanism is designed to accommodate the hierarchical organization as well as heterogeneity of current state-of-the-art parallel computing platforms. We use it to explore the computation vs. communication trade-off(More)
Programmable graphics processing units (GPUs) have emerged as excellent computational platforms for certain general-purpose applications. The data parallel execution capabilities of GPUs specifically point to the potential for effective use in simulations of agent-based models (ABM). In this paper, the computational efficiency of ABM simulation on GPUs is(More)