Kalyan Nagaraj

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Post and core therapy is regarded as the treatment of choice for restoring severely damaged endodontically treated teeth. Critical control of endodontic materials in the coronal third of the canal and pulp chamber is essential in order to maintain its colour and translucency. In addition to this, the duplication of the optical characteristics of an intact(More)
During treatment planning it is important to recognize different gingival biotypes and forms, because they can affect the esthetic outcome of the treatment. This review provides an insight into the different gingival biotypes, their response to inflammation and trauma; significance in different prosthodontic modalities like esthetic rehabilitation and(More)
Diagnosis of liver infection at preliminary stage is important for better treatment. In today's scenario devices like sensors are used for detection of infections. Accurate classification techniques are required for automatic identification of disease samples. In this context, this study utilizes data mining approaches for classification of liver patients(More)
The success of the dental restorations largely depends on its esthetics, although various literature reviews recommend that anterior teeth midline be placed coinciding the facial midline, the amount of acceptable deviation between facial and dental midline has not been fully investigated. To observe the acceptable deviation between the dental and facial(More)
Provision for high standard of oral health care is a fundamental requirement for any individual and dentists constantly strive to provide optimal treatment to their patients. However, when it comes to treating subjects with infectious diseases particularly those attached with social stigma like HIV/AIDS, there remains doubts and hesitations. This may lead(More)
Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that claims a person or organization as a debtor. It is essential to ascertain the risk of bankruptcy at initial stages to prevent financial losses. In this perspective, different soft computing techniques can be employed to ascertain bankruptcy. This study proposes a bankruptcy prediction system to categorize the companies(More)
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