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For all-optical WDM networks that provide multiple classes of service, we present a methodology for computing approximate blocking probabilities of dynamic routing and wavelength assignment policies. Each service class is characterized by its resource requirements (number of wavelengths needed for a call) and expected call holding time (or subscription(More)
We propose an approximation method for performance analysis of large-scale optical WDM networks (comprising multiple interconnected optical WDM networks) that offer multiclass services. In such networks, lightpaths are dynamically set up and terminated between source and destination nodes in order to serve calls in various service classes, and these(More)
developing in the network, b) computationally efficient to make decisions within real-time call (flow) setup durations, c) scalability to network size and complexity and d) lends itself to a distributed implementation. The proposed mechanism runs in two distinct phases-Phase-1 is the admission control and feasible route determination step and Phase-2 is the(More)
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