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The paper describes the overall design of a new two stage constraint based hybrid approach to dependency parsing. We define the two stages and show how different grammatical construct are parsed at appropriate stages. This division leads to selective identification and resolution of specific dependency relations at the two stages. Furthermore, we show how(More)
Network Visualization is the translation of huge relationship data into a visualized form. It is a combined result of areas under mathematics and computer science. Network Visualization is actually a wide area having so many applications that includes social network analysis, cartography, military defense areas and bioinformatics. Among all these fields,(More)
OBJECTIVE To stress the local, regional and global impact of degloving injuries of abdominal wall based on which the surgeon can design the management protocol. METHOD A retrospective series of seven cases who met with high velocity run-over accidents between the year 2002 to 2007. All patients were clinically examined and the findings confirmed(More)
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