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Effect of micronutrient supplementation around calving on the plasma cortisol levels of Murrah buffaloes and Sahiwal and Karan Fries cows
Micronutrients when fed around peripartum may reduce the stress induced by cortisol. With this objective, 24 Sahiwal (SW) and 24 Karan Fries (KF) cows and 24 Murrah (Mu) buffaloes were taken andExpand
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Effect of different physiological stages and managemental practices on milk somatic cell counts of Murrah buffaloes.
To see the effect of different physiological stages and mangemental practices on the amount of milk somatic cells secreted from the udders of Murrah buffaloes, milk was collected from 64 MurrahExpand
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Effect of high ambient temperature on behavior of sheep under semi-arid tropical environment
High environmental temperature is a major constraint in sheep production under semi-arid tropical environment. Behavior is the earliest indicator of animal’s adaptation and responses to theExpand
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Estrus synchronization and fixed-time artificial insemination in sheep under field conditions of a semi-arid tropical region
A study was conducted to assess the success of estrus synchronization and fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI) in sheep under field conditions of a semi-arid tropical region. A total of 471 ewesExpand
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Effect of water restriction on physiological responses and certain reproductive traits of Malpura ewes in a semiarid tropical environment
Other than high temperature and feed shortage, water scarcity is a major problem in semiarid tropical region during summer. Water is considered as an essential nutrient and is involved in everyExpand
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Seasonal variation of physiological response in ewes of farmers’ flocks under semi-arid tropical environment
This study was conducted to document the seasonal variation in physiological responses of sheep in farmers’ flocks under extreme climatic conditions of semi-arid tropical regions. The study wasExpand
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Effect of breeding season on fertility of sheep following estrus synchronization and fixed-time artificial insemination under field conditions in semi-arid tropical region
Abstract Accelerated lambing system is heavily reliant on reproductive technologies meant to enable off the season breeding in sheep. Therefore, the present study was programmed to assess the effectExpand
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Effect of thermal exposure on physiological adaptability and seminal attributes of rams under semi-arid environment.
Thermal stress in hot semi-arid environment is a major limitation of sheep production in tropical and sub-tropical climatic condition. The animals tend to maintain homeostasis through physiologicalExpand
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Study of circadian rhythmicity of physiological response and skin temperature of sheep during summer and winter in semi-arid tropical environment
The present study aimed to evaluate the circadian rhythmicity of some physiological variables, including rectal temperature (RT), respiration rate (RR), heart rate (HR) and skin temperature (ST) inExpand
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Induction of ovulation in anestrus ewes using a dopamine receptor antagonist.
Estradiol decreases the pulse frequency of LH during the nonbreeding season through dopaminergic neurons that results in anestrus in the ewe. Long-term administration of sulpiride, a dopamineExpand
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