Kalyan Chekuri Chakravarthi

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Integrating audio and power management into a system-on-chip (SoC) is of interest due to reduced board area and cost. Integrated Class-D audio drivers need to drive high voltages to deliver high power across small loads; 525mW (5.8Vpp differential) across an 8Ω load working off the battery. Absence of highvoltage transistors along with high device noise(More)
Highway obstacle detection is one of the most challenging task in real time for autonomous vehicle navigation system. The basic idea is to design an effective system for real time environment, which detects the presence of obstacles in the track of the vehicle. In the proposed work Raspberry Pi Camera module is employed for object detection and image(More)
Anatomical variations of carotid arterial system which are not infrequently encountered have a great impact on the surgical approaches of the neck. Although the described individual variations of the carotid arteries are well-known in the literature, the combination of anomalies reported in this case has not been, to the best of our knowledge, previously(More)
Aquaculture is major occupation for the humans living at coastal areas. The fresh water cultivation of the certain species is prominent in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Here the proposed work shows the relation-ship between the growth of the certain species of marine habitats and the factors affecting their growth with respect to the medium of their(More)
Aims of the study: (1)-To study various manifestations of lead toxicity at different levels of exposure among the Lead-Acid battery workers and (2)-To study various factors contributing to the toxicity of lead among the workers. Results: High amounts of lead were detected in the blood samples of the workers. The commonest lead related symptoms observed(More)
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