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Objectives This study investigated blood contamination of artificially and clinically contaminated Siqveland matrix bands and retainers. A modified version of the recognised Kastle-Meyer test for blood was used to compare the efficacy of enzymatic agents, a washer-disinfector and an instrument washer for pre-sterilisation cleaning of Siqveland matrix bands(More)
There have been many recorded incidents of aircraft fuel tank ignition. While electrostatic discharges have undoubtedly started fires during fuelling on the ground, the cause of in-flight fuel tank explosions is difficult to establish and attributing these events to static electricity is very controversial. This paper describes an experimental investigation(More)
Measurement of soil-respired CO₂ at high temporal resolution and sample density is necessary to accurately identify sources and quantify effluxes of soil-respired CO₂. A portable sampling device for the analysis of δ(13)C values in the field is described herein. CO₂ accumulated in a soil chamber was batch sampled sequentially in four gas bags and analysed(More)
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