Kalpesh Padia

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In recent years, the enforcement of safety features like seatbelt and reactive automotive technologies like lane assistance system etc. have enabled drivers to drive more safely and effectively. Better safety can be achieved by using proactive technologies to predict driver's intentions ahead of time and inform surrounding drivers of the course of the(More)
Localization in wireless network refers to determining the location of a mobile user which may either be stationary or in motion. This paper presents the design and evaluation of an algorithm for localization of mobile nodes in GSM networks. The proposed algorithm does not use GPS and has the advantages of being cost effective and reliable. The received(More)
Location management in wireless networks refers to a collection of tasks that strive to hide the effects of mobility from the user and/or application. It was realized, quite a while back, that extending emergency 911-like services (E-911) to a continually growing mobile population is one of the extremely important mobility management applications. The bulk(More)
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