Kalpesh K. Sharma

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Oil-accumulating microalgae have the potential to enable large-scale biodiesel production without competing for arable land or biodiverse natural landscapes. High lipid productivity of dominant, fast-growing algae is a major prerequisite for commercial production of microalgal oil-derived biodiesel. However, under optimal growth conditions, large amounts of(More)
Mutagenesis and selection of microalgae can be used for accelerated breeding of elite strains, providing a significant advantage over genetic engineering as prior biochemical and genetic information is not required. Ultraviolet (UV)-C-induced mutagenesis combined with fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) and microtiter plate reader cell density(More)
Rapid induction of lipid accumulation in microalgae is an important prerequisite towards the use of microalgae as a feedstock for biodiesel production. In this study, we present a novel approach to induce lipids in Chlorella sp. within 24 h by short-term UV-C radiation (UVR) stress at different energy intensities ranging from 0 to 1000 mJ/cm2. Increase in(More)
Capillary haemangioma is a common benign lesion occurring at multiple areas of body. They have unique radiological appearances and are confirmed by histological examinations. However capillary haemangioma of cervical region is a very rare condition. Such a case is presented here. It presented as an extramedullary intradural mass compressing the cord and(More)
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