Kalpana R. Dey

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A macrocyclic-based fluorescence chemosensor has been designed and synthesized from the reaction of dansyl chloride and a hexaaminomacrocycle containing four secondary and two tertiary amines. The new chemosensor has been examined for its binding ability toward phosphate, sulfate, nitrate, iodide, bromide, chloride, and fluoride by fluorescence spectroscopy(More)
A chloride complex of a hexaprotonated azamacrocycle has been isolated, and its structure has been determined by X-ray crystallography showing two encapsulated chloride anions in the cavity. The two internal guests are coordinated at two binding sites on the opposite side of the macrocycle through trigonal recognition by hydrogen-bonding interactions. The(More)
A hexaaminomacrocycle L, containing four secondary and two tertiary amines has been synthesized and crystallized with hydrobromic acid. Structural analysis of the bromide complex suggests that the ligand in its tetrtaprotonated form, is involved in coordinating two bromides from both sides via hydrogen bonding interactions with N…Br(-) distance of 3,351 Å,(More)
An expanded azamacrocycle L, containing four secondary and two tertiary amines was synthesized, and its binding ability towards chloride, bromide, iodide, sulfate, nitrate and perchlorate were determined by (1)H NMR titrations in D(2)O at pH 1.7. The results suggest that the ligand is capable of forming a complex with each of the anions examined, showing(More)
A study was carried out in the three districts of Barak valley (Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi) Assam, India to ascertain the variety of pesticides that are used in the agriculture sector and their probable impact on the health of farmers. The study revealed that the farmers often use pesticides ranging from high to extremely hazardous categories like(More)
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