Kalpana Mandal

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BACKGROUND In vitro studies have shown that physical parameters, such as membrane curvature, tension, and composition, influence the budding and fission of transport intermediates. Endocytosis in living cells also appears to be regulated by the mechanical load experienced by the plasma membrane. In contrast, how these parameters affect intracellular(More)
We describe the design of micropatterned surfaces for single cell studies, based on thermoresponsive polymer brushes. We show that brushes made of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) grafted at high surface density display excellent protein and cell anti-adhesive properties. Such brushes are readily patterned at the micron scale via deep UV photolithography. A(More)
The mechanical properties of cells impact on their architecture, their migration, intracellular trafficking, and many other cellular functions and have been shown to be modified during cancer progression. We have developed an approach to map the intracellular mechanical properties of living cells by combining micropatterning and optical tweezers-based(More)
First of all, I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Martial Balland for his guidance , support,enthusiasm throughout my Ph.D. program. It was always encouraging to discuss science with him. He provided all the best possible environment to make my experiments work. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Irne Wang for her guidance, patience and valuable(More)
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