Kalman Z. Meth

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Power consumption is a major issue in today's datacenters. Storage typically comprises a significant percentage of datacenter power. Thus, understanding, managing, and reducing storage power consumption is an essential aspect of any efforts that address the total power consumption of datacenters. We developed a scalable power modeling method that estimates(More)
The iSCSI protocol enables accessing SCSI I/O devices over an IP network. TCP is used as a transport for SCSI I/O commands. We describe the design considerations and decisions in defining the iSCSI protocol: why we use TCP, how multiple TCP connections can be used to increase performance and reliability, why we require allegiance of a command to a(More)
The iSCSI protocol provides access to SCSI devices over a TCP transport. Using the iSCSI protocol enables one to build a Storage Area Network using standard Ethernet infrastructure and standard networking management tools. This paper outlines how we implemented a family of iSCSI initiators on a common core. The initially supported initiators were on the(More)
Reduction of disk drive power consumption is a challenging task, particularly since the most prevalent way of achieving it, powering down idle disks, has many undesirable side-effects. Some hard disk drives support acoustic modes, meaning they can be configured to reduce the acceleration and velocity of the disk head. This reduces instantaneous power(More)