Kalman Z. Meth

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Power consumption is a major issue in today's datacenters. Storage typically comprises a significant percentage of datacenter power. Thus, understanding, managing, and reducing storage power consumption is an essential aspect of any efforts that address the total power consumption of datacenters. We developed a scalable power modeling method that estimates(More)
—Reduction of disk drive power consumption is a challenging task, particularly since the most prevalent way of achieving it, powering down idle disks, has many undesirable side-effects. Some hard disk drives support acoustic modes, meaning they can be configured to reduce the acceleration and velocity of the disk head. This reduces instantaneous power(More)
The media industry faces daily challenges storing, managing and facilitating collaboration for vast amounts of video, photos, text, audio, and social media. This, together with increasing quality factors like high frame rates and Ultra-High resolution, drives the need for more dependable storage and scalable computation. As a solution to tackle these(More)