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The Unified Software Development Process (USDP) and UML have been now generally accepted as the standard methodology and modeling language for developing Object-Oriented Systems. Although Agent-based Systems introduces new issues, we consider that USDP and UML can be used in an extended manner for modeling Agent-based Systems. The paper presents a(More)
While on the move, the surrounding environment of a mobile application may change quite often. The mobile applications have to be able to properly react to the context changes. The common approach to deal with the application adaptation is based on rules. For each action one must specify the set of rules that triggers the action when the context changes. In(More)
Designing and architecting new routing protocols is an expensive task, because they are complex systems managing distributed network state, in order to create and maintain the routing databases. Existing routing protocol implementations are compact, bundling together a database, an optimal path calculation algorithm and a network state distribution(More)
Prolog Server Pages (PSP) is a scripting language, based on Prolog, than can be embedded in HTML documents. To run PSP applications one needs a web server, a web browser and a PSP interpreter. The code is executed, by the interpreter, on the server-side (web server) and the output (together with the html code in witch the PSP code is embedded) is sent to(More)