Kalman Kepes

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The automation of application provisioning is one of the most important issues in Cloud Computing. The Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) supports automating provisioning by two different flavors: (i) declarative processing is based on interpreting application topology models by a runtime that infers provisioning logic(More)
Automating the deployment of IoT applications is a complex challenge, especially if multiple heterogeneous sensors, actuators, and business components have to be integrated. This demonstration paper presents a generic, standards-based system that is able to fully automatically deploy IoT applications based on the TOSCA standard, the standardized MQTT(More)
The automation of business processes is of vital importance for organizations to speed up their business and to lower costs. Due to emerging technologies in the field of Internet of Things, changing situations can be recognized automatically, which provides the basis for an automated adaptation of process executions in order to react to changing(More)
The 4th industrial revolution entails new levels of data driven value chain organization and management. In industrial environments, the optimization of whole production lines based on machine learning algorithms allow to generate huge business value. Still, one of the open challenges is how to process the collected data as close to the data sources as(More)
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