Kalman Greenspan

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Conventional intracellular recordings from the bundle of His and right bundle branch of the canine heart demonstrated that the slope of diastolic depolarization is markedly depressed by superfusion with relatively small concentrations (4—8 jug/ml) of acetylcholine. As the cells become less automatic, takeoff potential increases, rise time of phase 0 is(More)
• The mechanism of cardiac arrhythmias induced by digitalis compounds has been investigated recently by the microelectrode technique. Coraboeuf et al. 1 found that the automaticity of the canine "tissu nodal" was enhanced by administration of digitalis. This finding was confirmed by Dudel and Traut-wein 2 for canine Purkinje fibers. Also, the action of(More)
The rate of oxygen uptake of quiescent papillary muscle of the cat heart has been determined in a flow respirometer with the use of the oxygen electrode. The apparent rate of oxygen uptake as a function of the diameter of the muscle was also determined. It was found that papillary muscles from cat hearts use oxygen at a rate of 2.84 (microliters/mg. wet(More)
To assess influence of age, sex, and lateral dominance on children's unilateral stance, from 6 Houston area preschools and day-care centers, 121 subjects were randomly selected and judged by teachers as normal 3- to 6-yr-old children. The children were tested for eye, hand, and foot preference and were then classified on over-all dominance. Maximal duration(More)