Kalluri R. Sarma

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Flexible displays fabricated using plastic substrates have a potential for being very thin, light weight, highly rugged with greatly minimized propensity for breakage, roll-to-roll manufacturing and lower cost. The emerging OLED display media offers the advantage of being a solid state and rugged structure for flexible displays in addition to the many(More)
Experiments were conducted to elucidate the effects of chronic low power-level microwave radiation on the immunological systems of rabbits. Fourteen male Belgian white rabbits were exposed to microwave radiation at 5 mW/cm2, 2.1 GHz, 3 h daily, 6 days/week for 3 months in two batches of 7 each in specially designed miniature anechoic chambers. Seven rabbits(More)
Flexible displays are of high current interest for a variety of applications. In this paper we will first discuss recent developments in the enabling technologies for flexible displays flexible substrates, TFT backplanes, display media, and thin film encapsulation. We will then discuss our current development efforts in low-temperature (150C) a-Si TFT(More)
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