Kallol Kumar Bagchi

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This study uses the modified Gompertz model and sparse data to analyze the growth rates of different types of computer and Internet-related crimes. The Gompertz model is an appropriate diffusion model because it is capable of modeling two opposite behaviors: (1) acts of attacks and imitation of attacks and (2) deterrence acts to prevent such attacks. In(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a recently developed optimization method that has attracted interest of researchers in various areas. PSO has been shown to be effective in solving a variety of complex optimization problems. With properly chosen parameters, PSO can converge to local optima. However, conventional PSO does not have global convergence.(More)
This cross-national study examines factors that impact eHealth infrastructure and usage growth. The independent variables in the study are: confidence in heath care system, perception of one' s state of health, per capita national expenditure in health, % of people belonging to voluntary organizations concerned with health, human development index, cost of(More)