Kalliopi Tourtoglou

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Computer games have become part of children’s culture. Children and adolescents are quite happy to spend many hours playing a game just for the fun of it. On the other hand educational syllabus may look quite dry to children and adolescents. In this paper, we describe VR-ENGAGE, a virtual reality game that has been constructed for teaching geography to(More)
Electronic games constitute one of the prevailing modes of interaction of children and adolescents with the computer. However, this popular culture has not been exploited sufficiently for educational purposes. This paper investigates the incorporation of the culture of virtual reality games into educational software. In particular, such incorporation is(More)
In this paper, we describe AUTO-COLLEAGUE that is an adaptive and collaborative learning environment for UML. There are two kinds of user: the trainer and the trainee. The trainees can design UML diagrams given by the trainer or run certain tests/exercises for specific problems that are given. They can collaborate with each other. The system offers them(More)