Kalliopi Mylona

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Cooperation is fundamental to the evolution of human society. We regularly observe cooperative behaviour in everyday life and in controlled experiments with anonymous people, even though standard economic models predict that they should deviate from the collective interest and act so as to maximise their own individual payoff. However, there is typically(More)
Meta-analysis of rare event studies has recently become a subject of controversy and debate. We will argue and demonstrate in this paper that the occurrence of zero events in clinical trials or cohort studies, even if zeros occur in both arms (the case of a double-zero trial), is less problematic, at least from a statistical perspective, if the available(More)
For model selection purposes in experimental contexts, researchers often use step-wise regression or subset selection. With currently available software, this has to be done manually and often involves numerous model estimations in situations involving restricted randomization, such as block experiments and split-plot experiments. Moreover, these selection(More)