Kalli Furtado

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Spurious velocities are unphysical currents that appear close to curved interfaces in diffuse interface methods. We analyze the causes of these spurious velocities in the free-energy lattice Boltzmann algorithm. By making a suitable choice of the equilibrium distribution, and by finding the best way to numerically calculate derivatives, we show that these(More)
We use a lattice Boltzmann method to study pattern formation in chemically reactive binary fluids in the regime where hydrodynamic effects are important. The coupled equations solved by the method are a Cahn-Hilliard equation, modified by the inclusion of a reactive source term, and the Navier-Stokes equations for conservation of mass and momentum. The(More)
We model a reaction-diffusion-convection system which comprises a liquid drop containing solutes that undergo an Oregonator reaction producing chemical waves. The reactants are taken to have surfactant properties so that the variation in their concentrations induces Marangoni flows at the drop interface which lead to a displacement of the drop. We discuss(More)
We derive a lattice Boltzmann model of a ternary fluid mixture, one component of which consists of amphiphilic molecules with a rotational degree of freedom. The model was first introduced elsewhere where it was constructed on the basis of the earlier Shan-Chen type lattice Boltzmann model for binary fluids. We provide a rigorous derivation of the model(More)
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