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A fingerprint classification algorithm is presented in this paper. Fingerprints are classified into five categories: arch, tented arch, left loop, right loop and whorl. The algorithm extracts singular points (cores and deltas) in a fingerprint image and performs classification based on the number and locations of the detected singular points. The classifier(More)
With the current rapid growth in multimedia technology, there is an imminent need for efficient techniclues to search and query large image databases. Because of their unique and peculiar needs, image databases cannot be treated iri a similar fashion to other types of digital libraries. The contextual dependencies present in images, and the complex nature(More)
Texture analysis methods have been used in various image processing tasks, such as image segmentation, recognition, shape analysis, texture synthesis and image compression. When applying any of these methods, we assume that the input image has some textural characteristics. This paper addresses the problem of deciding whether an image has texture; in other(More)
We study the non-negativity conjecture of the complete cd-index of a Bruhat interval as defined by Billera and Brenti. For each cd-monomial M we construct a set of paths, such that if a " flip condition " is satisfied, then the number of these paths is the coefficient of the monomial M in the complete cd-index. When the monomial contains at most one d, then(More)