Kalle Happonen

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ARC and gLite are two of the leading productionready Grid middleware solutions being used by thousands of researchers every day. Even though the middlewares leverage the same technologies, there are substantial architectural and implementation divergences. Today, users face difficulties trying to cross the boundaries of the two systems. The gLite clients(More)
The CMS experiment expects to manage several Pbytes of data each year during the LHC programme, distributing them over many computing sites around the world and enabling data access at those centers for analysis. CMS has identified the distributed sites as the primary location for physics analysis to support a wide community with thousands potential users.(More)
AIMS The farming environment in childhood has been reported to decrease the risk of sensitisation to allergens. The purpose of the present study was to explore whether later exposure to a farming environment also could affect this sensitisation. METHODS A population based sample of 202 women who did not live on a farm and 231 who did. The subjects filled(More)
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