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Iodine deficiency disorders in South Africa.
Iodine is an essential micronutrient, but iodine deficiency remains common worldwide, including many African countries. In South Africa endemic goitre was first noted in the 1920s. Several subsequentExpand
Thyrotoxicosis in urban black Africans: a rising incidence.
Effective and accurate screening for diabetic retinopathy using a 60o mydriatic fundus camera : original article
lIgObjectives.l/Ig To establish whether an experienced endocrinologist could screen accurately for diabetic retinopathy using mydriatic 60o fundus photographs compared with a reference standard, Expand
Atypical features of hyperthyroidism in blacks.
: Hyperthyroidism is reportedly uncommon in the indigenous populations of Africa. The presenting symptoms volunteered, the symptoms elicited by direct questioning, and the results of physicalExpand
The effect of furosemide on serum prolactin levels in the postpartum period.
: Furosemide, in combination with breast binding and milk fluid restriction, seems to inhibit postpartum lactation effectively, but has no effect in reducing serum prolactin levels. Inhibition ofExpand