Kalistrat Markoishvili

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Healing of poorly vascularized and venous stasis ulcers is often refractory to therapy, particularly when they are infected. Systemic antibiotic therapy may be of little benefit in this setting because of poor penetration of the antibiotic into the wound and the frequent associated emergence of bacterial strains resistant to common antimicrobial agents.(More)
Central and regional hemodynamic parameters were investigated in experimental models of axillofemoral shunts, using electromagnetic flowmetry and electromanometry. Shunt function was shown to be based exclusively on the regional hemodynamic mechanism where blood is "borrowed" from brachycephalic branches of the arch of the aorta. Conditions were identified(More)
Hemodynamic borrowing and stealing phenomena in various vascular basins have been detected and quantified, using ultrasonic dopplerography and transcutaneous oxygen tension measurement, in 74 patients. The results were confirmed by aorto-arteriography. These noninvasive procedures are shown to be highly valuable for the diagnosis of blood borrowing and(More)
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