Kalin S Simeonov

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Welcome to the family! The constitution of the chiral D(2)-C(80) fullerene has been confirmed through single-crystal X-ray analysis of the chlorinated C(80)Cl(12). The addition pattern of the chlorine atoms in the structure of C(80)Cl(12) together with other structures of halogenated higher fullerenes is discussed. A stepwise principle of higher fullerene(More)
The chlorinated fullerenes C78(2)Cl18 and C78(3)Cl18 were synthesized by highly selective chlorination of the individual isomers. They were crystallized as C78(2)Cl18 x Br2 x TiCl4 and solvent free C78(3)Cl18. The carbon connectivities of both isomers have been confirmed through X-ray single-crystal analysis. Studious investigation of both crystal packings(More)
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