Kalimuthu Vivekanandan

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Traditional <i>heavyweight</i> software development methodologies are rigid, heavily documentation oriented and process oriented. In the present E-Business dominated environment, the above methodologies are hard to follow. In response to this, a new generation of lightweight methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP) has evolved which has only a few(More)
Pair programming is one of the important practices of a lightweight development methodology namely eXtreme Programming (XP). It emphasizes the practice of two persons working together at a single computer terminal, to design, code and test computer programs. The effects of pair programming on software development in industrial organizations were studied and(More)
Opinion mining has been an emerging research field in Computational Linguistics, Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in recent years. It is the computational study of people&apos;s opinions towards entities and their aspects. Entities usually refer to individuals, events, topics, products and organizations. Aspects are attributes or(More)
Abstract—Today, as a result of the global internet viewers increased rapidly, consumers are more focused than ever on searching the best product and the best prices. Consequently, e-commerce corporations also invested their time, money and efforts to know the feedback and comments about their products. That would help the corporations to modernize their(More)
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