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beta-Arrestins can act as adapter molecules, coupling G-protein-coupled receptors to proteins involved in mitogenic as well as endocytic pathways. We have previously identified c-SRC as a molecule(More)
The murine Ly-6A/E gene is transcriptionally induced in cells exposed to interferon alpha/beta or gamma (IFN-alpha/beta or IFN-gamma). Analysis of the 5' flanking sequence using reporter plasmids(More)
2534 Background: Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicty (ADCC) is an important mechanism of rituximab activity. Genetic polymorphisms in FcγRIIIa and FcγRIIa have been reported to influence response(More)
The Ly-6E/A antigen is expressed on activated murine T cells. Using probes made from the previously characterized cDNA, we have isolated a genomic DNA clone encoding the Ly-6A antigen. We determined(More)