Kaliappan Jeyakumar

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In unstructured P2P networks there is a possible of malicious codes and false transactions. It generates the false identities in order to perform false transactions with other identities. The proposed method uses the concept of DHT and reputation management which provides efficient file searching. The self certification (RSA ALGORITHM and MD5) is used for(More)
An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors the behavior of a given environment and identifies the activities are malicious (intrusive) or legitimate (normal) based on features obtained from the network traffic data. In the proposed method, instead of considering all features for intrusion detection and wasting up the time in analyzing it, only the(More)
The mobile agent paradigm and security issues in the grid has been successfully used in large number of research areas separately, and specifically contributes to the research endeavors. The proposed paper combines both the technologies and provides avenues for further research. Particularly in ad hoc grid environment, resources are not always available as(More)
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