Kali Wilson

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Many gravitational phenomena that lie at the core of our understanding of the Universe have not yet been directly observed. An example in this sense is the boson star that has been proposed as an alternative to some compact objects currently interpreted as being black holes. In the weak field limit, these stars are governed by the Newton-Schrodinger(More)
Recently, quantum droplets have been demonstrated in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates, where the long range (nonlocal) attractive interaction is counterbalanced by a local repulsive interaction [1]. In this work, we investigate the formation of quantum droplets in a two-dimensional nonlocal fluid of light. Fluids of light allow us to control the geometry(More)
Using systematic sequences of the newly developed correlation consistent core-valence basis sets from cc-pCVDZ through cc-pCV6Z, the spectroscopic constants of the homonuclear diatomic molecules containing ®rst row atoms, B±F, are calculated both with and without inclusion of 1s correlation. Internally contracted multireference con®guration interaction(More)
Slow light has been explored for building quantum networks, with particular interest in slowing the group velocity of single photons [1], and more recently exploited to enhance the measurement of small phase shifts. Generally, slow-light effects have been characterized as the net effect of a pulse propagating through the slow-light medium, i.e., as a pulse(More)
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