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Calcium sensitivity of myosin cross-bridge activation in striated muscles commonly varies during ontogeny and in response to alterations in muscle usage, but the consequences for whole-organism physiology are not well known. Here we show that the relative abundances of alternatively spliced transcripts of the calcium regulatory protein troponin T (TnT) vary(More)
BACKGROUND Both the Tanner-Whitehouse-III RUS score, which is based on the radiographic appearance of the epiphyses of the distal part of the radius, the distal part of the ulna, and small bones of the hand, and the digital skeletal age skeletal maturity scoring system, which is based on just the metacarpals and phalanges, correlate highly with the curve(More)
156 injuries by a stepladder are reported. In the whole of plunge injuries occurred with a stepladder we found 12%. The painters are involved in 34.6% in this kind of accident, apprentices in 5.8%. Most people were aged from 20-24 and the lower limb was more often injured than the upper limb. Fractures were present in 24% and we registered 48.8 days in(More)