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This article provides a simple formula and a practical methodology for analyzing long tails. The same model can be applied to topics as diverse as books, search phrases, size of companies, and geographical distribution of populations. This article makes it possible for anyone to utilize the long tail concept not only as a general idea, but also as a tool to(More)
One of the most important network elements in the Internet are the routers which do relaying of IP packets. Because of growth of the Internet routers currently experience serious problems in relaying traffic in a satisfying speed. The idea of switching Internet traffic flows has recently been introduced and a new technology called IP switching has emerged.(More)
Communications services that facilitate or encourage the forming and bridging of social groups serve an important human need. Such services, therefore, should offer high value. The problem for service planners, however, is to predict the value of these services before they are offered, and to ensure pricing that will actually achieve the desired group(More)