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Requirement development activities such as requirements analysis and modelling are well defined in software engineering. A model-based requirement development may result in significant improvements in engineering design. In current product development activities in this domain, not all requirements are consciously identified and modelled. This paper(More)
The miniaturization of integrated fluidic processors affords extensive benefits for chemical and biological fields, yet traditional, monolithic methods of microfabrication present numerous obstacles for the scaling of fluidic operators. Recently, researchers have investigated the use of additive manufacturing or "three-dimensional (3D) printing"(More)
Emphasis on creativity and innovation differentiates product design from many other organizational tasks. Designers need to be creative on demand, since design projects involve several occasions where a design team faces the challenge of finding a novel solution for an identified design problem. Thus, the ability to solve design problems productively by(More)
Most companies have come to realize that in order to remain in business, and especially, gain economic success, they need to be able to identify user needs and respond to those needs. The set of activities that takes place before the actual product development, the fuzzy front-end, plays a critical role in the competition of whose products meet user needs(More)
of master’s thesis Author Ilkka Ekström Title of thesis Development of injector nozzle sectioning Degree programme Mechanical Engineering Major Machine Design Code K3001 Thesis supervisor Prof. Kalevi Ekman Thesis advisor M.Sc. Sara Alfredsson Date 04.04.2016 Number of pages 57+4 Language English
Producing continuously any type of innovations is necessary for businesses to maintain or improve their market position. The effectiveness of the early stage of the innovation process is playing an essential role in the whole process of new product development (NPD). Exposing an idea to experimentation is considered as an effective way to improve the(More)
of master's thesis Author Tuomas Lempiäinen Title of thesis Test automation on a third party mobile software Department Department of Engineering Design and Production Professorship Engineering Design Code of professorship K3001 Thesis supervisor Professor Kalevi Ekman Thesis advisor Tuomo Hakulinen, Head of Testing Date 26.05.2015 Number of pages 55+19(More)
The methods of pumping liquids have evolved to become more efficient, environmentally friendly and provide more value for money, ever since the creation of the first liquid lifting device. The constant need for development is a known fact and affects almost all branches in human related activities, which also affects the pumping industry. This is the reason(More)