Kalathur Ramanujam

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OBJECTIVES Levels of stool fatty acid soaps and beneficial bacteria differ between formula-fed and breast-fed infants; addition of specific formula ingredients may reduce these differences. This study evaluated the effects of a term infant formula containing high sn-2 palmitate term infant formula (sn-2) or an identical formula supplemented with(More)
The treatment of lepra reactions constitutes one of the most serious problems in leprosy. For this reason, the first reports in 1965 of the favourable results obtained with thalidomide aroused considerable interest and led WHO, in 1967, to carry out a trial with the co-operation of four centres. A short-term double-blind trial was designed to study the(More)
The distribution of 24 histocompatibility antigens in 88 Azerbaijani patients with leprosy was determined and compared with those of 125 normal, ethnically matched individuals. HLA-BW35 was increased in frequency among the Kurdish patients as compared to the controls; HLA-A1, however, displayed decreased frequency in patients with the lepromatous form of(More)