Kalarickaparambil J. Vinoy

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An electromagnetically coupled feed arrangement is proposed for simultaneously exciting multiple concentric ring antennas for multi-frequency operation. This has a multi-layer dielectric configuration in which a transmission line is embedded below the layer containing radiating rings. Energy coupled to these rings from the line beneath is optimised by(More)
A simple equivalent circuit model for the analysis of dispersion and interaction impedance characteristics of serpentine folded-waveguide slow-wave structure was developed by considering the straight and curved portions of structure supporting the dominant TE10-mode of the rectangular waveguide. Expressions for the lumped capacitance and inductance per(More)
A configuration for a miniaturized band-pass filter on a coplanar waveguide (CPW) is proposed in this communication. Parametric studies conducted for various geometrical parameters suggest that the frequency response of the filter is strongly related to that of the spiral slots. A a series gap on the center conductor of the CPW changes the overall response(More)
This article presents the analysis of ultra wide band (UWB) filter designed using a symmetrical three parallel coupled line resonator in low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) medium. The ground plane with an aperture incorporated in it improves the coupling. Based on circuit models, the designed UWB filter has been analyzed, and the results have been(More)
An analysis of rectangular folded-waveguide slow-wave structure was developed using conformal mapping technique through Schwarz’s polygon transformation and closed form expressions for the lumped capacitance and inductance per period of the slow-wave structure were derived in terms of the physical dimensions of the structure, incorporating the effects of(More)
Filters and other devices using photonic bandgap (PBG) theory are typically implemented in microstrip lines by etching periodic holes on the ground plane of the microstrip. The period of such several holes corresponds to nearly half the guided wavelength of the transmission line. In this paper we study the effects of miniaturization of the PBG device by(More)
This paper presents the design of a compact rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) for wireless applications. A metal plate has been attached to top surface of the RDRA to achieve significant reduction in the resonant frequency of the antenna. A simple microstrip feeding mechanism has been used to excite this compact rectangular DRA. Performance(More)
This letter relates to the design of crossovers for carrying criss crossing signals. Two types of crossovers are proposed in this letter. Both the crossovers are designed using a two layer printed circuit board. An unbroken continuous transmission line is routed in the top layer for carrying signal 1 from one node to another node. Transmission line used for(More)
A low-cost fabrication process for forming conductive copper lines on paper is presented. An office inkjet printer was used to deposit desired patterns of silver nitrate and tannic acid solutions sequentially on paper. Silver nitrate was instantaneously reduced in situ on paper by tannic acid at room temperature to form silver nanoparticles, which acted as(More)