Kalaivani Thangamani

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We propose a 3D modeler for supporting in-situ indoor modeling effectively. The modeler allows a user easily to create models from a single photo by interaction techniques taking advantage of features in indoor space and visualization techniques. In order to integrate the models, the modeler provides automatic integration functions using Visual SLAM and(More)
This paper describes an interactive 3-D indoor modeler that effectively creates photo-realistic 3-D indoor models from multiple photographs. This modeler supports the creation of 3-D models from photographs by implementing interaction techniques that use geometric constraints estimated from photographs and visualization techniques that help to easily(More)
The objective of this study is to develop a 3D application that provides an up-to-date virtual experience of the Kesennuma-Yokocho food stall village. This app aims to enable users to feel the "here and now" atmosphere of the site, even from a remote location. To this end, we integrate visualizations with 3D-CG models and articles on social media to keep(More)
This paper discusses the new inpainting algorithm which uses the superpixel constraints with the Exem-plar-based inpainting technique for bringing the realistic view in the 3D model developed by the interactive 3D indoor modeler. The inpainting algorithm is exclusively developed for the interactive 3D indoor modeler in which the user can create 3D indoor(More)
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