Kala M Kaspar

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CRHSP-28 is a member of the tumor protein D52 protein family that was recently shown to regulate Ca(2+)-stimulated secretory activity in streptolysin-O-permeabilized acinar cells (Thomas, D. H., Taft, W. B., Kaspar, K. M., and Groblewski, G. E. (2001) J. Biol. Chem. 276, 28866-28872). In the present study, the Ca(2+)-sensitive phospholipid-binding protein(More)
CRHSP-28 is a Ca(2+)-regulated heat-stable phosphoprotein, abundant in the apical cytoplasm of epithelial cells that are specialized in exocrine protein secretion. To define a functional role for the protein in pancreatic secretion, recombinant CRHSP-28 (rCRHSP-28) was introduced into streptolysin-O-permeabilized acinar cells, and amylase secretion in(More)
Ca(2+)-regulated heat-stable protein of 28 kDa (CRHSP-28; a member of the tumor protein D52 family) is highly expressed in exocrine glands and was shown to regulate digestive enzyme secretion from pancreatic acinar cells. We found CRHSP-28 highly expressed in cultured mucosal secretory T84 cells, consistent with an important regulatory role in apical(More)
Dietary regulation of digestive enzyme secretion from the pancreas is essential for the breakdown of macronutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Ca(2+)-responsive heat stable protein (CRHSP)-28 is a regulatory protein that modulates the exocytosis of digestive enzymes from pancreatic acinar cells. In the present study, isoelectric focusing and(More)
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