Kakulu Samuel

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The propagation of Givotia rottleriformis Griff. is difficult as a result of long seed dormancy associated with poor seed germination. The present study was undertaken to develop a protocol to overcome seed dormancy by culture of zygotic embryo axes and then develop an efficient method for micropropagation of Givotia. Best germination frequency (78.3%) was(More)
We present a simple, cost-effective method for creating diffractive optical elements on the surfaces of optical fibers and fiber-optic components by use of 193-nm ablation techniques. It is an outgrowth of a more fundamental investigation of the effects of intense UV radiation fields on SiO2- and Ge-SiO2-based structures (specifically optical fibers and(More)
We present the preliminary results of a metrological standard for fiber Bragg gratings. This device is based on well-established wavemeter concepts and allows for the a priori determination of Bragg resonances that are verifiable and accurate. Although the concept is demonstrated here with small-fringe-number samplings, the production and detection of(More)
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