Kakollu Vijay Kumar

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Solid polymer electrolyte system, polyethylene oxide (PEO) complexed with potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) salt was prepared by solution-cast technique. Several experimental techniques such as infrared radiation (IR), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), and composition dependence conductivity, temperature dependence conductivity in the temperature range(More)
We present a Brownian inchworm model of a self-propelled elastic dimer in the absence of an external potential. Nonequilibrium noise together with a stretch-dependent damping form the propulsion mechanism. Our model connects three key nonequilibrium features -- position-velocity correlations, a nonzero mean internal force, and a drift velocity. Our(More)
Global trends of tropical tropopause are examined using unprecedented resolution data sets of atmospheric refractivity, temperature, pressure and water vapor in the lower atmosphere. This paper presents seasonal and monthly trends of global cold point tropopause using temperature profiles retrieved from COSMIC GPS RO technique during 2007-2012. The observed(More)
Here we used a lumped port excitation for the CoPlanar Waveguide (CPW) feed. We used copper cladding for cutout and for substrate dielectric material named Arlon Cu Clad 217(tm).The CPW slots and antenna shape acts as openings in a metallized plane. The antenna has been analyzed over frequency ranges of S-band (2.20-3.95(GHz)), C-band(4.90-8.20(GHz))(More)
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