Kakoli Tripathy

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Quantum sum rules impose limits on the hyperpolarizability, beta. A survey of the largest second-order molecular susceptibilities finds what appears to be a universal gap between the experimental results and the fundamental limits. In this work, we use theory, linear spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and measured values of beta (using hyper-Rayleigh(More)
The goal of the present study was assessing genetic diversity within Kanarese buffalo, the dual purpose breed of South India. A total of 48 unrelated animals were genotyped at 23 short tandem repeat (STR markers)loci. The total number of observed alleles was 180 with a mean of 7.83 per locus, which varied from 3 to 12 across different loci. The mean(More)
Asystematic study of the fabrication and characterization of planar optical waveguides based on polyester and acrylic polyurethane coatings has been made. Mode effective refractive-index measurements have been made on a large number of these waveguides fabricated on glass prepared in different conditions. The results show that the mixture of polyester and(More)
A fetus in fetu of the face is described. The preoperative diagnosis was teratoma. The resected specimen weighed 200 g and had two parts. The lateral part was enclosed within a thick capsule and consisted of a well-formed lower limb, a spinal column comprised of 3 vertebrae, and a small piece of intestine in the form of a saccule. The medial part contained(More)
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