Kakoli Bandyopadhyay

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HMOs are becoming increasingly reliant on health management information systems (HMISs) for their effective functioning, competitive viability, and survival. Because of this critical dependence, HMOs must use disaster recovery planning (DRP) to safeguard their HMIS assets from natural as well as man-made disasters. This article purposes a theoretical(More)
The purposes of this paper are to address the declining management information systems (MIS) enrolment problem, to suggest an enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based MIS curriculum which could reverse the enrolment decline, and to facilitate ERP integration in the business curriculum by analysing ERP software usage across industries. Enterprise resource(More)
With increasing dependence on information technology, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) need Disaster Recovery Planning to protect their information systems environment. This paper investigates the impact of Business Impact Analysis and testing on successful implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) by HMOs. A survey reveals that HMOs that(More)