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Cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) systems have the potential to increase traffic throughput by allowing smaller headway between vehicles and moving vehicles safely in a platoon at a harmonized speed. CACC systems have been attracting significant attention from both academia and industry since connectivity between vehicles will become mandatory for(More)
Adverse weather conditions for roads, which cause transportation systems to perform far below capacity, can severely affect society's economic output. As elimination of road weather events is not possible, transportation agencies perform proactive and reactive maintenance activities to minimize adverse impacts to keep roadways in optimum condition. While(More)
Keywords: Connected vehicle technology Handoff Het-Net Collision warning message DSRC V2V and V2I a b s t r a c t Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) requires wireless data transmission between vehicles (V2V), and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). Evaluating the performance of different network options for V2V and V2I communication that ensure optimal(More)
Twenty-one mixed-ligand complexes of cobalt(II) and cobalt(III) have been screened for their antimicrobial, insect sterilizing and ovicidal activities. Three of these cobalt(III) complexes exhibit broad antimicrobial spectra, including against human bacterial pathogens, dermatophytes and plant pathogenic fungi, while one exhibits feeble activity against a(More)
ii DEDICATION To my lovely parents, affectionate brother, and beautiful wife for their unconditional love without which it was not possible to achieve this goal in my life iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, I would like to acknowledge my sincerest gratitude to my advisor Dr. Peter Tarmo Savolainen for his constant support, invaluable guidance and constructive(More)
Introduction The evolution of the modern transportation system has been instrumental in the prosperity of human civilization. Over the centuries, technological innovations have improved the performance and efficiency of transportation systems, which has in turn led us to the creation of the modern intelligent transportation system (ITS). Nonetheless,(More)
Twenty-three newly synthesized mixed-ligand complexes of oxo-vanadium(IV) and oxo-vanadium(V) were studied for antimicrobial activity. Eight of these complexes were found to have microbicidal properties. The complexes [NH4][VO(gl)2]H2O (gl-H2 = glycolic acid) and [VO(ACOAP)(acac-H)]H20 (ACOAP-H2=Schiff base of acetylacetone and orthoaminophenol,(More)
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