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INTRODUCTION Central nervous system anomalies are often severe and are the most common indications for therapeutic abortions. Ultrasound examination helps to identify and evaluate them well before birth. OBJECTIVES Present study was undertaken to evaluate the incidence of central nervous system anomalies in utero by ultrasound and to confirm them by(More)
Although hydatid disease of the liver and lungs is common in South Asia, involvement of the brain is relatively rare. Two cases of cerebral echinococcosis are presented. One case involved the brain, kidney, heart and spleen. The case is unusual because of the multiplicity of intracranial lesions and sparing of the liver and lungs. The other case is a(More)
Thoracic spondylosis, better termed 'degenerative thoracic spine disease', is rare and failure to recognize it is mainly due to its rarity and to the complexity of symptomatology which can lead to prolonged and continued morbidity. During the past 4 years, the authors have treated 28 patients with thoracic spine degeneration with varied clinical(More)
We present a case of 11-year-old girl with a history of prominent superficial veins over abdomen and thorax since birth. A superficial vein extending from either inguinal region joined in umbilical region and extended up to right supraclavicular region. Other features of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome like nevus, limb edema were absent. On radiological(More)
Abdominal pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy which occurs due to ruptured uterine or tubal pregnancy into the abdomen. Fetal loss is a common complication of these pregnancies and patient presents with acute abdominal pain which is a surgical emergency. Another rare but established complication of this ectopic pregnancy is fetal demise with the(More)
Bowel wall thickening on ultrasound simulates appearance of kidney. The appearance of kidney on contrast enhanced computed tomography is entirely different. However, surprisingly bowel wall thickening or mass can mimic this appearance even on contrast enhanced computed tomography. A case of pyloric malignancy with pseudokidney appearance on contrast(More)
Inflammatory myofibroblastoma is a distinctive pseudosarcomatous lesion that occurs primarily in the viscera and soft tissue of children and young adults. It is composed of myofibroblastic spindle cells accompanied by an inflammatory infiltrate of plasma cells, lymphocytes, and eosinophils. We report a 41-year-old man who presented with progressive dyspnea(More)