Kaj A. E. Stenberg

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A large number of disease-causing mutations have been identified from several protein kinases. KinMutBase is a comprehensive knowledge base for human disease-related mutations in protein kinase domains (http://bioinf.uta.fi/KinMutBase/). The latest version contains 582 different mutations for 1,790 cases in 1,322 families. KinMutBase entries are described(More)
KinMutBase (http://www.uta.fi/imt/bioinfo/KinMutBase/) is a registry of mutations in human protein kinases related to disorders. Kinases are essential cellular signaling molecules, in which mutations can lead to diseases, including immunodeficiencies, cancers and endocrine disorders. The first release of KinMutBase contained information for protein tyrosine(More)
We report the structure of a novel tetrameric form of the lactose repressor (LacI) protein from Escherichia coli refined to 2.1 A resolution. The tetramer is bound to 1.6-hexanediol present in the crystallization solution and the final R(free) for the structure is 0.201. The structure confirms previously reported structures on the monomer level. However,(More)
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