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Cationic PLG nanoparticles and liposome were prepared and used as package molecules to pack up pUC18-CpG. The effects of the packed pUC18-CpG on the cellular and humoral immune responses were detected in the mice that were inoculated with pig paratyphoid vaccine. The results showed that compared with the control, the amount of IgG and the titre of specific(More)
Interleukin-2 (IL-2) is vital to elicit and amplify the cellular and humoral immune responses to foreign antigens, which is extensively utilized in the control of infectious disease and treatment of various cancers. Porcine and murine IL-2 genes were, respectively, subcloned into VR1020, designated as VPIL-2 and VMIL-2, and then encapsulated in chitosan(More)
BACKGROUND Both percutaneous and perventricular device closures of perimembranous ventricular septal defects (PmVSD) present certain drawbacks. We report our experiences with a new, minimally invasive surgery using a peratrial device closure of PmVSD through a right infraaxillary route. METHODS Between January 2014 and October 2015, 145 patients (71 male,(More)
An application layer network communications protocol was established using the RS-485 communication interface on Tandem welding system. Agreement focusing on the error control was cyclical redundancy check (CRC). The realization of this design software CRC algorithm is calculated by bytes according to greatly save time. It achieved the purpose of real-time(More)
The Large Margin Nearest Neighbor (LMNN) metric learning algorithm has been successfully used in many applications and continuously motivates new research works. However, the high computational complexity of training the LMNN algorithm inherent from the k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) search makes it inapplicable to large datasets, especially when we need to tune(More)
The mitochondrial enriched GCN5-like 1 (GCN5L1) protein has been shown to modulate mitochondrial protein acetylation, mitochondrial content and mitochondrial retrograde signaling. Here we show that hepatic GCN5L1 ablation reduces fasting glucose levels and blunts hepatic gluconeogenesis without affecting systemic glucose tolerance. PEPCK and G6Pase(More)
The experiment was conducted to prepare chitosan nanoparticles (CNP), to entrap VRMIL-2 with CNP, the eukaryotic VR1020 expression plasmid containing murine IL-2 gene (mlL-2), and to investigate the expression in vivo and the regulatory effect of mIL-2 on immune-response and immuno-protection in mice inoculated muscularly with CNP entrapped VMIL-2 at 21(More)
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