Kaiyuan Cai

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In this paper the development of reactive software is transformed into a control problem, and the supervisory control theory for discrete event dynamic systems is suggested to solve this control problem. The operating environment under consideration is viewed as a controlled plant, the software under development as the corresponding controller, and the(More)
  • Kaiyuan Cai
  • Science in China Series F: Information Sciences
  • 2003
Software cybernetics explores the interplay between control theory/engineering and software theory/engineering. The controlled Markov chains (CMC) approach to software testing follows the idea of software cybernetics and treats software testing as a control problem. The software under test serves as a controlled object and the software testing strategy(More)
Service-based systems (SBS) resource allocation in cloud computing environment is important to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) to satisfy requirements of service requests as well as reduce operating costs. In this paper, a control strategy is presented to allocate the system resources of cloud provider to the servers using PID self tuning adaptive(More)
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