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Localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) and plasmon couplings in Ag capped Si Nanopillar (Ag NP) structures are studied using 3D FEM simulations and dark-field scattering microscopy. Simulations show that a standalone Ag NP supports two LSPR modes, i.e. the particle mode and the cavity mode. The LSPR peak position of the particle mode can be tuned by(More)
We report a novel nanofabrication process via block copolymer lithography using solvent vapor annealing. The nanolithography process is facile and scalable, enabling fabrication of highly ordered periodic patterns over entire wafers as substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). Direct silicon etching with high aspect ratio templated by the(More)
Tunable plasmonic platforms are important for a variety of applications such as photovoltaics, LED's, optoelectronics, medical research, and biosensors. In particular, development of label-free plasmonic biosensors is one of the key research areas that utilizes plasmonic nanostructures for detection of biologically relevant molecules at low concentrations.(More)
We demonstrate the direct photothermal probing and mapping of single plasmonic nanostructures via the temperature-induced detuning of nanomechanical string resonators. Single Au nanoslits and nanorods are illuminated with a partially polarized focused laser beam (λ = 633 nm) with irradiances in the range of 0.26-38 μW/μm(2). Photothermal heating maps with a(More)
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